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GX-99 (with Thermal Body Wrap)

This image may contain slim
  • This image may contain slim

GX-99 (with Thermal Body Wrap)


Product Details

Extraordinary Results:

•Highly Effective, non-invasive methods 
•Reduces the appearance of cellulite painlessly 
•Works and feels better than methods that roll and squeeze the skin 
•Penetrates into deep layers without stretching the skin 
•Increases local blood circulation 
•Helps alleviate muscle pain 
•Relaxes tense muscles 

Cellulite Reduction/Exfoliation:

•Loosens and removes dead skin cells 
•Leaves the skin soft, supple and radiant 
•Gives the skin uniformity, allowing spa products to penetrate effectively 
•Promotes a more youthful, glowing complexion 
•Stimulates the production of new skin cells

Slimming & Contouring:

•Deep tissue stimulation complements body contouring programs 
•Increased blood circulation enhances slimming and weight loss programs

Deep Tissue Massage:

•Stimulates local circulation 
•Allows the massage therapist to work successfully at deep tissue layers to release tension points 
•Increases mobility and flexibility

Stress Reduction & Relaxation:

•Relaxes muscle tension 
•Increased circulation and relaxing massage vibration enhance enjoyment of manual massage